Confimands Valedictory 2015
Great joy, excitement, awesomeness and heavenly bliss, filled the hall where 206 congregants, family, friends, guests and neighbors gathered to enjoy a packed programme with our Confirmands at their Valedictory 2015.
What made this evening an exceptional blessing was the presence of our District Apostle Andrew Andersen gracing the evening with his company!
Our 21 young brothers and sisters were escorted into an aploring hall by their parents bringing them to the front just as they did 14 years ago at the time of their baptism. Proudly and with lots of dignity our Confirmands positioned themselves as a gift to the District and to the honor of their parents.
The Valedictory programme consisted of items where just about all groups in God’s work shared in the joy of saying “goodbye” to our Confirmands in their Sunday School Year!

The most moving and heartwarming part of the programme was when our Confirmands paid tribute and dedication their parents by thanking them individually. Due to our multicultural District our programme also made provision for our Tongan Confirmand who presented a salute to our cultural blend of God’s elect in Tongan.

The theme of the evening changed into a glorious, melody from our district choir who sang “Lord I dearly love Thy holy tabernacle” which contributed to the dedication and commitment in God’s work from young and old!
The evening culminated into an emotional moment with our District Apostle handing out the Valedictory
Certificates personally to our Confirmands followed by our Sunday School Children giving handing out white roses of purity and endless love.
Our Confirmands then said thank you to our dear District Apostle for being the vessel of blessing for Confirmation 2015 here in Auckland!