Confirmands JUMP Event - August 2015
​JUMP is an indoor trampoline park created for fun and exciting new entertainment activity that is gripping all ages in the world of exercise and thorough enjoyment for one and all! Trampolines have been a part of Kiwi culture for many years with most of us having one in our backyard. JUMP provides a welcoming environment for people of all ages, sizes and physical abilities to enjoy the fun of Jumping while working on your physical well being. The Confirmands of our District enjoyed a JUMP fun evening on Friday 21 August 2015 and had an hour of unending laughter and testing their physical qualities on the Trampolines and the trampoline dodge ball court and other fun accessories like basketball hoop. It is always an amazing moment when these young brothers and sisters have an opportunity of fun and fellowship to create stronger bond of friendship with each other. The Confirmands made use of every single minute of the hour to their disposal and made all 60 minutes count to their benefit. We pretty sure our Confirmands had stories to tell and something to laugh about the following Sunday at Confirmation Class! Already the question is popped, “When is our next JUMP!!!”