COnfirmands Life Skills Session - Aug 2015

For the past 2 years our District Elder Ernst Graf and his Confirmation Work Group have been plotting and planning extra and extraordinary initiatives for our Confirmands to support them in securing a skillful future which will benefit them their whole life long.
The work group eventually came up with Practical Life Skill ideas which will benefit our young brothers and sisters in various day to day living skills such as:
• Cooking like a Master Chef in MKR.
• Baking to the Delight of Melting Moments
• Fishing in the Moment of Everyday Living
• Sewing for the Future Models and to Dress for Success
• First Aid by taking care of those in Need Medical Care.
• Getting Money Wise Spending can be painful while saving brings blessed dividends

A very enthusiastic group of willing brethren from our New Zealand District came together on Saturday, 29 August 2015 to present our very first Practical Life Skill Expo to our Confirmands and all those interested as our District Elder felt it necessary to extend the invitation also to our Youth, NACYAC and young married couples so that all may join in the learning and acquiring of new skills.
There was a buzz of bubbly voices at all the skills tables as our Confirmands completed their enrollment forms. It was amazing to see how everybody present gained new knowledge and how fellowship can be created by brethren with a common goal!