Confirmands Semi Combined Lessons - June 2016
​On Sunday 12 June 2016 our District Elder Ernst Graf planned a lesson with a difference with great and fruitful results throughout our district. We had semi combined classes for our Confirmands 2016/17 where the congregation Confirmands had the opportunity to have classes together and interact with each other which added to the fellowship and great excitement.  Our District Elder also participated in conducting a class with his visit to Christchurch.

​The lesson planned, “Keeping the Sabbath Holy” created and awareness of how important the third Commandment is in the life of any child of God and with acceptation the life of a Confirmand. They were made aware to keep the Sabbath holy which is more about an attitude, consideration of God and our relationship with Him.

​Our teachers explained to our Confirmands the blessings in making sound decisions and enhanced the knowledge required to make those decisions by placing our Lord and Savour in the center of all our decision making. Our teachers provided awareness that Confirmation is providing a solid foundation of spiritual knowledge and sound doctrine that when the Confirmand makes the promise before God and the Congregation, they do so with full understanding as to what they are promising.

​The joy on the faces of our Confirmands was priceless in being together and such semi combined lessons will be conducted quarterly throughout the district. In some Congregations we only have one Confirmand in a class and moments like this adds to fellowship and building strong future relationships amongst our Confirmands who is our future youth and congregations.