Confirmands Summer Camp - 2015
As our trips has become tradition for the Confirmands of the New Zealand District, a weekend trip away to the beautiful location of Paihia has become a feature for our incumbent New Youth for 2015! Our young brothers and sisters set off on their journey with great and endless excitement and enthusiasm early the evening of Friday 13th February 2015.The spice and flavour added to this Confirmation Summer Camp, was the blessed news that our Apostle Trevor Williams, will be joining them for most of the weekend!

The Confirmands arrived at their destination much earlier than anticipated, with the result that they were able to spend a few moments with the Apostle Williams prior to having dinner and settling down for the night. It was amazing, and yet gladly appreciated how easy our young future youth introduced themselves and became instant friends, which made room mating an absolute breeze for our working committee who attended to the needs of our Confirmands.The presence of our Apostle Williams was indeed a wonderful preparation for the divine service the following day, where the congregation in Paihia were joined by our Confirmands. Our Apostle conducted this divine service and based his sermon on Luke 8: Portion of verse 25, But He said to them, “Where is your faith?”