COnfirmands Ten Pin Bowling - September 2015
The Confirmands of New Zealand District had much reason to be thankful for, and felt very honored when our Apostle Trevor Williams decided to spend some quality time with them on Friday evening, 25 September 2015 at Extreme Wairau Valley in Auckland, New Zealand. It was an evening packed with fun and games as everybody readied themselves to compete with each other having fellowship and building a strong bond with our Ap...ostle! Our Confirmands soon realized how much they can trust, love, respect and come closer to their Apostle yet having unending laughter while bowling the balls with all their strength! It has been amazing to see how Ministers, Confirmands and Teachers enjoyed the bonding session and how our Apostle made time to chat with all our Confirmands making sure that the future of Gods work is secured. Through the games we were entertained with delicious nibbles and drinks which energized us to continue and finish 2 games of Ten Pin Bowling! At the conclusion of the evening it was amazing to observe the care from our Apostle who made sure that all our 13 Confirmands were accounted for and safely with their lifts before saying his last goodbyes to all. This fellowship evening will always be remembered by our Confirmands and will stay with them for a lifetime!