COnfirmands Valedictory 2014
District Confirmands Valedictory Event

For the first time in our New Zealand District we had our very first Confirmands Valedictory Evening. 
The evening commenced with an opening hymn, “Praise I will Praise You Lord”. Our District Elder Graf blessed the occasion with a prayer and greetings from our Apostle Williams. The programme was very soul enriching, filled with great laughter, excitement and just pure joy and unending smiles and happiness!

We had our Confirmands all dressed up as if in an Award Ceremony! They were welcomed one by one into the hall by the audience with great and warm applause as they took up their places on the stage. You could see very proud parents amongst the audience. Our Confirmands went all the way with inviting their school friends and even the guests who will be at the Confirmation Service on the 27th April 2014.Our progamme followed with the Oldest Confirmand in our District, now Confirmed for 54 years and still faithful and a pioneer of the faith. Our Sunday School Children rendered a recital with visual aids called, “ The Fruits of the Holy Spirit”, followed by one of our very own Confirmands expressing the teaching, guidance and spiritual upliftment they have  received in the past 2 years of Confirmation! We had the Teachers joining with an item, the Ministers giving dedication thanks, Youth Leaders introducing the way forward as future Youth and the great excitement awaiting them. One of the final items on the programme was very moving when our Confirmands took their places once more on stage and started giving thanks to their parents, expressing their gratitude for rearing them naturally as well as spiritually. They thanked their teachers God’s Servants and all who played a vital and important role in their lives building up to Confirmation.
The highlight of the evening was when our Confirmands were called one final time to the stage and was asked to turn towards the display screen.  Our Apostle Williams then appeared with a Skype message of blessing and adoration to then as well as the audience present. The highlight of his message was; “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and everything else shall be added unto you”. He asked them to remain faithful and strong children of God till the Lord Comes!!

The evening concluded when our District Elder Graf handed each Confirmand a Valedictory Certificate and the Sunday School presented them with a white rose!!
Now they await to profess their Confirmation Vow before God and the Congregations present on Confirmation day! How blest are they in having such a great wall of faith and protection around them as young people.