Confirmands Visit to Kelly Tarlton’s with Apostle Williams - February 2014

It was a pleasant awakening on Saturday morning 15th February 2014 when our Confirmands embarked on their journey to meet up with our Apostle and District Elder. Our Confirmands filled the area and even the Aquarium with a special warmness and joyful laughter acknowledging the special opportunity and grace to have our Apostle in touching distance with them. They had the freedom in chatting, ...laughing and even asking questions to our Apostle while touring the Aquarium learning of all the sea life and especially that there are around 100 shark attacks every year worldwide however few are fatal. By contrast, as many as 100 million sharks are killed annually by humans.

After a tour of 2 hours at the Aquarium learning about Green sea Turtles, Clown fishes, Spiny Sea Dragons and above all our favourite, the King Penguins we had the privileged to join our Apostle for Lunch at the beach for a healthy lunch prepared by our District Confirmation Workgroup and their Spouses! Later the afternoon our Apostle had more words of encouragement with us and wished us well with our parents for the future of God’s work.

What a wonderful and lasting experience for all of us!! A true adventure which will live with us into the ranks of the youth and even be a legacy and a story to tell for many Confirmands to come.
As the Confirmands of the New Zealand District 2014, we pledge to stay close to our leaders and enjoy the protection of good Shepherds taking care of the fold of Jesus till He comes!