Confirmands Weekend Paihia - 2012
For our young people confirmation is often a difficult year as they transition into life as youth. Despite the fact that we’ve had the smallest group to date for confirmation, and to add to this that they are all boys, was not a reason to expect that they would not enjoy each other’s company. The morning started early for the confirmands as they needed to be up early to catch the “bus” so to speak. They came from different parts on Auckland and initially were not really engaging with each other but within an hour they were chatting away.

 After we arrived and everyone had an opportunity to settle in, preparations were underway for lunch. The weather was outstanding despite a negative weather report and our D/Elder was in the pool with them having fun. Later that day we were treated to some kayaking and this was a lot of fun as many had never done this before, we were also hoping that they would be “shattered”. This was not the case and after some “tucker” the boys settled in for the night, or not. On the Sunday we were up early and preparing for the divine service and this was good for the congregation in Paihia. Fellowship followed and soon it was time to return to Auckland.