​Confirmands Xtreme - Fun Activity - 2016

It was a buzz of excitement when our Confirmands, their parents, Confirmation Teachers and our leaders were divided into 4 groups to start an exciting and most awesome evening of Ten Pin Bowling and enjoy great fun.

The atmosphere was wonderful and even the siblings of our Confirmands tried their skills by rolling some Ten Pin Balls. It seemed like a huge competition as our District Elder announced that there will be a prize for the one with the highest score at the conclusion of the games. This was an encouragement for all of them and for a moment it looked as if friendships changed to serious game only with one goal in mind, the winner’s prize.

At the conclusion of the evening our District Elder requested that the Confirmands Coordinator for the District announce the overall winner of evening. You could feel the tension, silence and inquisitiveness all around our young ones at that moment. Amazingly there was not just one winner, all our Confirmands who attended the Fun Activity were winners. They each received a complimentary $50.00 as contribution toward the Orientation Weekend in Christchurch in 2017!