Confirmands Valedictory – May 2017

An evening of rejoicing as the confirmands, their parents, friends and family gathered at Milford School on the North Shore on Friday the 5th of May. The echoes of the opening hymn “I’m a child of a King” filled the hall and hearts of all who were there.
A feeling of serenity and calm washed over the crowd as the confirmands flanked by their parents were announced and presented. The confirmands, clasping a single white rose, were the focus as they walked down the aisle to take their place on the stage. The rose was presented to their parents as a symbol of thankfulness and love.

Sister Jordan Fester, a confirmand of 2016, interviewed 4 members of the congregation. They, in their wisdom shared their experiences of faith, from humble beginnings to entering the priestly ministry and working in the house of the Lord. They addressed the Confirmands of 2017 with messages to take with them upon this journey in faith: Marry the right person; Be busy with Gods work; Find your way to the Church and respect everyone young and old; Trust in God and you will experience wonderful things in your life. Messages relevant to everyone present.

Penguins were the focus of the Sunday School presentation to the Confirmands. They were presented with the following quote “To keep the faith, run with the right crowd”. A heart-warming analogy of how the Emperor penguin is nurtured and raised by the colony of penguins was used and although the chick will grow and explore the waters of the ocean it will always be part of the greater colony. So too have the Confirmands been nurtured and guided by their parents, Sunday School teachers, Youth leaders and Ministers. It is now their time to shine, take all they have learnt and make choices that are pleasing to The Lord. The Confirmands were reminded that even though they may not always make the right choices in the future, their family and the congregation will forever be there to love and support them. The analogy was concluded with this quote “To keep the faith, choose the right huddle”.

A group of Sunday School children thanked the Confirmands for their steadfastness and spiritual endurance and for being such remarkable examples to the younger members of the congregation.

The Confirmands were invited to find their way into the Choir with a beautiful rendition by the District choir. A powerful presentation of heavenly voices from a small group of sisters was enjoyed by all. Topped off with the Cello playing confirmand, Sister Meadow, encapsulated the essence of the orchestra with her piece from the well-known song “Over The Rainbow”.