Confirmation 2018 Walk- Fairy Falls Waitakere Ranges

On Saturday 4 November 2017, the Confirmands 2018 met with District Elder Graf for a walk and preparation discussion regarding the service for the Departed. The walk itself was not too strenuous but the reward was a “hidden gem” of a beautiful waterfall, which created the perfect setting for such a significant preparation.

As the District Elder addressed the Confirmands one could hear the waterfall in the background, as well as some beautiful sounds of the birds in the forest. There is no better setting for such a momentous celebration on our New Apostolic Calendar and to celebrate this with young people and the future of the church even better.

The District Elder ask the confirmands about their previous lessons which was based on the service for the Departed, he also referred to some current events in particular a boy, named Morocco Tai who recently died in a car crash after racing away from the Police, through this the question was posed, how would he feel and which realm do they (the Confirmands) think Morocco would find himself, the response of the Confirmand was that he would certainly be “angry” or “confused”. The District Elder then put Morocco’s life in perspective by stating that he was obviously a troubled young boy, who had his fair bit of “run ins” with the Police as well as substance abuse. Through the example of Morocco the Del contextualised the departed.

In conclusion the District Elder focussed on the Service for Departed and explained the role of the District Apostle in the dispensing of the sacraments to the souls in the beyond.
The confirmands present certainly enjoyed the walk and the opportunity of being able to converse with the district Elder. For the Priest present it was also an opportunity to have a brief discussion on the word for the next day and the Del put the life of David in perspective.