Divine Service – Confirmation 2017

Commit  thy way unto the Lord” echoes the anthem from the Choir in what was to be a magical and blessed encounter with Apostle Williams. The Sunday School choir reminds the congregation of the commandments given by the Lord with their hymn “A New Commandment I Give Unto You”. As the Confirmands enter the gathering wearing black and white, we are prompted by the Penguin analogy from the Valediction night.

Apostle Williams opens the divine service with the words from

1 Chronicles 28:10

10 Take heed now; for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong, and do it.

The message for the confirmands was to take on the work in the Lords house, use your talents and reap the joy of all the blessings you will receive. As the Lord is our saviour and Shepard, He will lay the way for you. Apostle Williams made reference to David as he spoke to Solomon and said the Lord has chosen you to build the house. God does the building and we become the materials, the stone and the foundations of that house. When we come together in faith and strength we form the walls of this sanctuary. Brethren were encouraged to share their experiences of faith, tell others around them what is feels like to be part of this house of the Lord, the effect of grace and love in your heart. When we are filled with the love for the Lord and his work we encompass the spirit of Jesus. When we lay our eyes on those around us we will no longer see fault but rather opportunities to address prospective children of God. When God manifests himself in you and me we become the picture of his image, the picture of joy and the temple of blessing.

Apostle Williams:

Don’t be afraid when the cross you bear is heavy, there are resources around you to help you. The Apostle shares some encouraging words for the future. The ministers, the congregation and the Lord will be there to protect, provide and intervene. He related this to the parables of Daniel in the Lion’s Den and the Three in the Fiery Furnace. In all these instances, the Lord protected, provided and intervened.

The male choir prepares the way for the Confirmation Blessing which follows.

The nerves settle as the 13 souls elected by the Lord stand before the

congregation to make their vow of faith. The Confirmands promise to remain in the faith and be loyal to the house of the Lord. The Apostle addresses the Confirmands as beautiful souls who believe in Christ and the Apostle Ministry whom have chosen to walk this journey with the Lord. He reminds each soul before him to have inner integrity as they cope with the hand that life will deal them. Have a readiness to embrace this journey and experience how wonderful the Lord is.

A letter from Chief Apostle to the Confirmands summed up the service with his messages to be strong, be of good courage, do not be dismayed and the Lord will be with you always.