NZ Confirmands Visit to Kelly Tarlton – July 2017

On Saturday the 1st of July the confirmands of 2018 joined together for the first time at Kelly Tarleton’s. The group consisted of 13 confirmands and 5 adults, which included the District Evangelist Van WynGaard. Our first time outing was conveniently planned for preparation for Departed Service the following day.

Although most confirmands were meeting or seeing each other for the first time and some seemed to enjoy their time admiring the sea life in smaller groups we have no doubt that this was just the start of great friendships and bonds developing in the near future between all the youngsters.

We met together at Kelly Tarlton’s at 3:30pm on Saturday despite the rain, we then set off through the aquarium admiring God creation. Once everyone had finished viewing all that there was to see we gathered together as 1 group in the food hall with some chips, juice & chocolate and had a discussion with our dear District Evangelist about the blessed day that was to follow.

Although our original plan of a picnic had to be changed due to weather we still committed to a discussion and made the best of the time we had despite our surroundings. We left with a reminder of the circle of life and how each of us experience birth and will experience death, and that during our time on earth we need to be examples in every aspect of our lives, naturally and spiritually.

It was time to then say our good-byes, we headed off and I have no doubt that the afternoon was enjoyed by all. I think more so the confirmands are excited to see what else is in stall for them!