Ministers & Wives Milk & Honey Conference - June 2013
On Saturday the 22nd of June 2013 the ministers and wives of New Zealand were invited to attend “The Milk and Honey Conference” with our District Apostle Anderson, Apostle Williams and Evangelist Graham MacKrill.It was an early start and the day commenced with a short opening welcome by Apostle Williams which was followed by the opening presentation by District Apostle Anderson.

The agenda for the day covered various topics of which wereThe value of serving, The Power of Support and a Doctrinal seminar – Remembering the Departed.Great fellowship was enjoyed by all who attended this seminar. Generous serving of delicious eats. A feeling of total excitement and support could be felt throughout the day.The day was completed with a lovely dinner prepared by various congregants. This dinner was hosted by our guest speaker Evangelist Graham MacKrill who ended the evening with a motivational speech.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our District Apostle, Apostle and all those who made this day such a great success. We all left with great anticipation for a Blessed divine service to be enjoyed the following morning.