The celebration of Paihia congregation`s 25th anniversary was held on the weekend of 18th and 19th of August 2012. The Saturday choral concert was attended by invited past and former members of Paihia plus a number of guests from Paihia. This event was hosted by the Paihia and Orewa congregations which could be attended by 135 people and who also shared in the fellowship after the concert. A total of 18 guests shared the afternoon with us.The Choral presentation was by a mass choir as formed from Paihia, Orewa congregations plus Auckland special choral choir. The three conductors that led the mass choir were Peter Hirzel, Shaun Testa and Robbie Simpson with the choir singing a range of favorite hymns.During the interval Sister Jenny Hirzel shared some of the history of the congregation with all those that where in attendance.

On Sunday 19 August the Divine service was led by the District Elder Ernst Graf supported by ministers who served in Paihia namely Priest Tom Newman, Priest Donovan Alexander, Priest Robert Simpson and the current rector Priest Johan van Deventer.The service was attended by 127 people, 5 of whom were guests and included where many past and former Paihia members. During the service Brother Peter Hirzel was also asked to share his experiences of faith in Paihia with the congregation.Many poignant memories were made by old members who had accepted the invite to this blessed weekend and many memories could be shared. Friends and families were reunited, and the loved ones who had pioneered the work in the area remembered.Amongst the congregation were spouses and family members of the early pioneers of Paihia such as Sister Doreen Parbery, the widow of Priest Ron Parbery, Sister Audrey Griffin, the widow of Deacon Jeff Griffin, Deacon Gaby and Frieda Henry, plus many of the Hirzel family.Sister Gillian Bond made an anniversary cake with the honour of cutting the cake after service going to the oldest members Sisters Griffin and Parbery. This was then shared with all during the wonderful fellowship after service.

A truly blessed experience enhanced by the Word of God as provided from Romans 13 verse 11 "and do this knowing the time ,that now it is high time to awake out of sleep..."