​Preparation for Intercession for the Departed: Orewa congregation - March 2016

On Saturday Afternoon on 05 March 2016, the members of Orewa congregation gathered at their rector’s home to undertake a final preparation for service of departed. They were led by the District Evangelist and taken through key points in the Catechism concerning life in the beyond and were reminded of the characteristics of true humble servant ship
A special word was also shared by the rector from the 1st book of Corinthians 9 verse 19. Apostle Paul taught that being free as a child of God, he had made himself a prisoner in Christ and thus humbled himself to be a true servant in Christ.
Members then shared experiences of faith and the congregation reflected on many souls and events that connected them to souls in the beyond. The members then united with a prayer of intersession and enjoyed fellowship together before departing to their various homes. The event proved to be a wonderful unifying preparation for the Divine service on Sunday.