Rectors Trip to New Plymouth - June 2014
On 14th June all the rectors of Auckland awoke nice and early and made ready to depart for Taranaki, New Plymouth, about a 5 hour trip from auckland, and add on another hour for Priest Johan who lives further north! We accompanied our district elder with our wives. Most met at BP Pitt stop travelling south from around 7 for breakfast. 

The trip through to New Plymouth turned into a mesmerising and therapeutic drive with the lush green meadows and rolling green farmlands as a scenic and picturesque sojourn to the west coast of the north island! In the afternoon half of our rectors and wives made another trip another hour down south to South Taranaki, that comprises Stratford, Hawera, Patea and Wanganui... Spanning about 2 hours travel. They met at sister Erins home and enjoyed some excellent cuisine and also blessed fellowship, which mirrored the the other half of the auckland group who gathered at deacon Vaughan and sister Melissa's home. 

The evening found us setting up the hall for the divine service the next day. The weekend culminated (as it usually does) in a special divine service with uncle Kenny and his "team" also and always there in support! Our district elder conducted the divine service and called up the evangelist Reimers and Evangelist Thomas (now district evangelist) and also baptised Aiden Mooreby! And sister Michele And Marius received the engagement blessing! 

After a remarkable fellowship, we all made our way back to Auckland after a blessed weekend indeed!