Seniors Service - Henderson - June 2013
On the 9th June 2013, 51 of our senior members and friends gathered in Henderson for a Senior Members Divine Service and special fellowship with a faithful 'soon-to-be-retired' priest.The text from Romans 16: 19, which served as the foundation of the service, exhorted the congregation to continue to be 'wise is what is good and simple in what is evil' and to always pray for Godly wisdom in all matters of life. The officiant, Ev Neil Rischbieter served along with Ev Keith Adams and priest Johan van Deventer -the previous and current rectors of Priest Ken Abrahams who also served this special congregation for the last time.

"Uncle Ken', who will be officially retired from his Priestly ministry by the District Apostle on the 23rd June, 2013, is a wonderful living example of this teaching and many are able to support this sentiment. Though he will not function in an active Priest role, the leader of the 'A' team - an untiring, willing band of traveling mission workers - still has a desire and willingness to continue to bring joy to the outlying congregations.
After the divine service many of uncle Kens family and friends were able to share some of the many special moments of these trips and we look forward to supporting his team in their awesome efforts into the future.