Sunday School Concert - June 2012
On the 16th June many could enjoy a wonderful and special performance given by our Sunday School children, together with the Hobsonville Primary School Marimba Band. The theme for the concert was "Here I am Lord" which was beautifully rendered by our little performers.

The presentations from our young children included instrumental solos, choir singing, combined musical instruments and a great performance by the Marimba band. We also had two duets and two concertos by a very young and talented boy. Musical instruments, among others, included the drums, guitar, violin, flute and of course a great rendition on the saxophone. 

 This children’s concert showcased our children’s skills, it also reinforced that only good comes out of being involved with music. The use of music as a tool reinforces learning, allows lessons to be easily absorbed, and better recall and coordination. So wherever we can, let’s support everyone to become more involved with this wonderful form of art and keep this talent alive in our congregations and our hearts.

This concert was put together by Sister Vanessa and her team, a big thank you to them, as well as all who helped.