Sunday School Concert - June 2014
On Saturday the 28th of June 2014, the district gathered together for the annual Sunday School Concert. The event was held at the North Shore congregation. The concert was opened in prayer by District Elder Graf and thereafter the district children’s choir sang 2 opening pieces followed by items from Drury, New Lynn, Albany & North Shore congregations. After a brief address by District Evangelist van Wyngaard, the concert resumed with items from South Auckland & Hamilton congregation and was concluded by the district children’s choir. This was followed by final words of sincere thanks and closing prayer by District Elder Graf.

The items performed by the district choir and congregations were of a high standard and exceeded the expectations and performances from the previous year. It was uplifting to listen to the music and see the growth and development in the talents of the children in our congregations. The children were especially thanked for their sacrifices, willingness and courage and the support of their teachers and parents. The concert also served as a mini rehearsal for the Departed Service on the 6th July, where the district children’s choir would also sing in this festive divine service.

Following the concert, the audience and children spent some time together in fellowship.