Youth Trip Tokaanu - July 2009
On the weekend of 31st July 2009, 30 Youth members of various congregations, as far as Pahia, embarked on a Snow Trip weekend away to Tokaanu. Leaving the Friday evening, we arrived at our destination, which was Tokaanu Thermal Resort, about 6 hours later. After a lengthy trip, the thermal pools looked too irresistible for some of the youth, that even the cold winters night could not keep them out. On Saturday morning, we all had an early rise and were welcomed with a buffet breakfast at the resort. After breakfast, everyone was waiting in anticipation to leave for the snow fields as the weather had not looked good at all. Thanks to Brendon for monitoring the conditions and keeping a close watch as to which Snow Fields was open, our District Elder Graf put us on our way and we were off to the Whakapapa snow fields. After returning from the snow fields, the daring youth, together with our district elder, joined the no so daring in the warm thermal pools, while the ministers and members of Tokaanu congregation prepared a bbq feast. After a choir practice, desert was served and everyone engaged in an evening of activities which included, Singstar and pool, to name a few, while others returned  to the warmth of the thermal pools. On Sunday morning, we all arose to experience a bright and sunny day. Breakfast was served and everyone returned to their quarters to prepare for Sunday Divine Service. After the Divine Service, everyone engaged in fellowship with the ministers and members of Tokaanu and were seriously contemplating heading back to the snow fields. Sadly it was decided to leave for Auckland, however, discussion for our return trip were the top of the agenda.